So many times it has happened, that someone asks me what I’m studying at university, I reply “I major in archaeology” and they respond with “Wow that’s so cool! …So have you dug up any dinosaurs yet?”

I don’t think it’s a reflection of the person so much as it’s a reflection of how little archaeology seems to be in people’s minds. It’s not unsurprising. Time Team is about as public as archaeology seems to get these days, and even that’s on ABC which means it may as well be a straight-to-DVD foreign film.

I’m hoping to change that a bit. I’m probably deluding myself by thinking that anyone other than myself and one friend will read this, but on the other hand I can’t just sit idly by and let my field of study whimper and die in a muddy field while the rest of the world studies graphic design.

So here goes: I’m going to try and post at least weekly. It’ll usually be about something related to my university studies or what I’m reading that week. I’m going to explain what I’m researching, how I’m doing it, and what I’m writing.
I’m going to talk about the books and articles I’m reading and I’ll try to summarise them a bit, and hopefully give you a link to where you can get a copy if you would like one.
I’m going to talk about things I’ve learned that week that I think you might find interesting. I’ll correct some misconceptions about what I’m learning. I’ll ask out loud questions I’ve been thinking about. I’ll tell you the funny things I’ve overheard on campus or the ride home (and man, there are some doozies).

So, until I remember to post again:
ARCA Student